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As the Journal of Numerical Cognition is an online open-access journal, membership dues are not required for accessing articles published on this scholarly forum. Nevertheless, membership dues will permit the MCLS to create a stable and predictable resource base for the support of its operations and activities, including predominantly the organizing of, preparation for, and running of the biennial conferences. In addition, members will be entitled to reduced, Society conference fees, beginning in 2018. Members are also eligible to vote in elections, and will have full access to our website, where eventually they will be able to post information about their latest research and publications, submit notices of job opportunities or other announcements, modify their academic and research profiles, and search the member database.


Annual Membership Rates

Regular Members
One year: $80 | Two years: $150

* Postdocs 
One year: $60 | Two years $110

* Graduate Students
One year: $40 | Two years $70

* Postdocs and graduate students must provide suitable documentation of their eligibility for these respective membership categories (e.g., per the former, a signed note from one’s Research Supervisor verifying that the applicant is working in a postdoctoral training program; in the case of the latter, a signed note from a Faculty Advisor or Department Administrator verifying that the applicant is enrolled in a graduate program at a degree-granting institution of higher education).
Click the appropriate link below and attach documentation to your outgoing email.
Please await receipt of approval before paying dues.

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