[MATHLINK] numerical cognition methods directory

Krajcsi Attila krajcsi at gmail.com
Fri May 24 09:21:28 CST 2019

Dear All,

In January we (Bert Reynvoet and me) announced a numerical cognition
methods directory where not surprisingly numerical cognition methods can be
found, uploaded and evaluated. Now the directory is available for any
experts to add content. It is available at
http://www.numericalcognitionmethods.org/ .

Among others:
- you can use the directory to check for new methods for your next study
- you can upload your or others' methods so the colleagues may be aware of
that option
- you can share your experience about methods and evaluate them (aka open
peer review).

The directory is in its initial form, but some methods are already
available and you can see where the whole thing is heading to.

Feel free to get ideas from the directory and to add your content. Find
more details about it on its website at
http://www.numericalcognitionmethods.org/ .

If you have any questions, contact either Bert (bert.reynvoet at kuleuven.be)
or me (krajcsi.attila at ppk.elte.hu).


Attila Krajcsi

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