[MATHLINK] MCLS Trainee Board Nominations Close Tomorrow!

MCLS Trainee mclstrainee at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 15:54:04 CST 2021

Dear MCLS Community,

A brief reminder that nominations for the trainee board are due*
tomorrow, *June
11! Please note that if you do choose to nominate a colleague, they will be
given additional time to complete the self-nomination form. We'll be
monitoring the email and Slack if you have any questions about applying.

*Nominations for open positions on the MCLS trainee board*
Elections for the remaining MCLS trainee board positions (Co-President,
Policy & Practice Chair, and Communications Chair) will be held in
June. The deadline for nominations is June 11th. Please follow the link for
instructions on how to nominate yourself or a colleague:

All MCLS trainees (i.e., MCLS members or associate members who do not have
a full-time faculty position or equivalent) are kindly invited to nominate
themselves or a colleague for one of the open positions (see descriptions
below; for further questions please get in touch with us via
mclstrainee at gmail.com or on our slack channel).

Please, feel free to share this link with students, lab-mates, and other
MCLS trainees.

As a reminder, all positions must be held by:

   - Individuals who are associate members of MCLS.
   - Individuals with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
   - Individuals who are trainees (i.e., who do not have a full-time
   faculty position or equivalent) at the time of their election. If they
   cease to be a trainee during the course of their term, they may complete
   the term.

Open positions will all be filled for a two-year term and
are: Co-President, Policy and Practice Chair, and Communications Chair.
Further details about each position are available in form for nominations


Finally, be sure to attend our *first event of the 2021 program*!
*Thursday, July 15 (Time TBD)* - MCLS 2021 Launch Event

Thanks so much!
The MCLS Trainee Board

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