[MATHLINK] Seeking unpublished data on math interest and achievement

Rachel Conlon rachelaconlon at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 12:21:56 CST 2021

Dear Colleagues,

I am currently conducting a meta-analysis of studies that examine the
relationship between math interest and math achievement with Dr Colleen
Ganley at Florida State University. We would like to include any
unpublished work (e.g., unpublished data/manuscripts, manuscripts in
preparation, under review, and/or in press, as well as theses,
dissertations, and conference proceedings/submissions etc). in our analyses.

Our inclusion criteria is:

*Math Interest measure: *Any self-report measure on math interest,
enjoyment, liking, intrinsic value or similar

*Math Achievement measure:* Must be a direct measure of children’s
mathematical ability (not parent/ teacher rated).

Ideally, the two would be measured at around the same time, prior to any

We’re interested in data from all ages and demographic groups, so long as
it contains a correlation coefficient or the means to calculate one.

If you have unpublished data that you think might meet our criteria and are
willing to share, please reach out to me at conlon at psy.fsu.edu.


Rachel Conlon

*Graduate Student, Developmental Psychology*

*Math Thinking and Learning Lab*

*Florida State University*


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