[MATHLINK] PME conference

Tali Raveh (Leibovich) talil at edu.haifa.ac.il
Tue Jan 3 00:27:31 CST 2023

Dear all,

Just wanted to let you know about a conference called PME - Psychology of
Mathematics Education.

The 46th conference will be held this July at Haifa University, Israel (so
good food and amazing views are promised!).

This conference is a bit different than what we are used to - which makes
it interesting.

Please see the links to the website and the first announcement below.


First announcement:

Hope to see you there,

Tali Raveh (Leibovich), PhD | Senior Lecturer

Department of Mathematics Education

University of Haifa

Education Building *Room 305*

P: +972-4-614-6258 (int: 57258)
E: talil at edu.haifa.ac.il <talil at haifa.edu.ac.il> | *Twitter:* @BrainMathEdu
Lab Website
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