[MATHLINK] Home Mathematics Environment Virtual Conference: Poster Session

Alexa Ellis algrel at umich.edu
Fri Oct 9 11:11:26 CST 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to participate in an asynchronous poster
session for the Home Math Environment (HME) Virtual Conference, which will
take place between *October 26**th** and November 1**st*.

Posters broadly focus on research projects related to the home math
environment and focus on children between ages 3-6. This virtual poster
session will include both static, traditional posters (single slide/image)
and brief (3-5 minute) lightning talk presentations. We are using an
asynchronous platform to allow for participants from around the world to
use discussion boards and engage in more detailed discussions through
adding comments below each poster. If you are interested, please read the
information below about how to participate in the upcoming poster session.

*First*, to access the poster session platform you must create an account
name and password.

Go to https://kistorm.com/go/hmepostersession

   1. Choose either “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Email”
   (whichever you prefer)
   2. If you choose “Sign in with Email” it will ask for your first and
   last name and have you create a password.
   3. Once within the conference platform, you can edit your account to add
   a profile picture if you wish and other information such as your current
   position, affiliation, and a short bio. Adding this to your profile will
   help you connect with other conference attendees. You are also welcome to
   use the “People Explorer” tab and see information about other registered
   conference attendees.
   4. Any time you want to view a poster presentation or interact with
   poster materials (i.e., add to an interactive online discussion about
   posters with authors and other participants) during the week-long poster
   session, you will log in to the website above.

*Second*, please review the attached code of conduct for the conference,
including links to Purdue University's harassment policies and the National
Science Foundation's harassment policies. Any individuals in violation
of the code of conduct will be reported to Purdue's Title IX office and NSF.

We are excited to invite you to the asynchronous poster session and look
forward to your attendance starting on *Monday, October 26**th**!*

Best wishes,

The Organizers of the HME Virtual Conference
David Purpura (PI; Purdue University), Caroline Hornburg (Virginia Tech),
Joyce Lin (CSU-Fullerton), Ellen Litkowski (SCRD Policy Fellow), Melody
Kung (Georgia State University), and Giulia Borriello (Indiana University)

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