[MATHLINK] Request for unpublished data on frequency of home mathematical activities and mathematical ability.

Ella L James-Brabham eljames-brabham1 at sheffield.ac.uk
Wed May 26 03:19:19 CST 2021

Dear maths colleagues,

I am currently conducting a meta-analysis on the relation between frequency
of home mathematical activities and mathematical ability in young children
with Dr Emma Blakey at the University of Sheffield. We would like to
include any unpublished data you may have collected looking at this in our

Our inclusion criteria is:

*Age*: Up to and including children with a mean age of seven.

*Type of mathematical environment measure*: Must have asked about frequency
of mathematical activities at home, with the final variable including only
mathematical activity questions (not literacy/ general home environment

*Measure of children’s mathematical ability*: Must be a direct measure of
children’s mathematical ability (not parent/ teacher rated).

Other variables we’re interested in:

Country of data collection, study design (cross-sectional/longitudinal),
age of participants (mean and standard deviation), SES of the sample,
details of frequency of home mathematical activities scale used, details of
mathematical ability measures taken.

If you have unpublished data that meets our criteria or if you have any
questions about whether your data is suitable, please get in touch ideally
by end of June 2021

(eljames-brabham1 at sheffield.ac.uk).

For anyone interested in this topic, do look out for Mia Daucourt’s
comprehensive meta-analysis coming out soon that looks at broad measures of
the home mathematical environment and mathematical ability.

Many thanks for your help!

Best wishes,

Ella James-Brabham


Ella James-Brabham

PhD Researcher

Sheffield Cognitive Development Group

Department of Psychology | The University of Sheffield

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