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Thu May 27 11:53:36 CST 2021

Dear MCLS Community,

As we arrive at the end of the 2020-2021 MCLS Trainee Board term, we are
sad to see Julia Bahnmueller (Co-President), Venera Gashaj (Communications
Chair), and Dana Miller-Cotto and Rebecca Merkley (Policy and Practice
Chairs) leave their board positions. These members have immeasurably
contributed to the MCLS Trainee Community, and we are deeply thankful for

However, this means that it is also time to welcome new members to our
board. It is with great excitement that we announce that the nominations
for the 2021-2022 MCLS Trainee Board term are open! Note that all positions
will be elected for a two-year term.

The MCLS Trainee Board aims to create learning and engagement opportunities
for undergraduate and graduate students, research staff, postdocs, teaching
assistants, and pre-service teachers and to build a stronger sense of
community amongst MCLS trainees.

Andy Ribner (Co-President), Bella Starling-Alves (Secretary), and Ilse
Coolen (Research Chair) will stay on the board to complete their second
year of a two-year term. Julia Bahnmueller will serve as the the Trainee
Board's first Past President.

*Nominations for open positions on the MCLS trainee board*
Elections for the remaining MCLS trainee board positions (Co-President,
Policy & Practice Chair, and Communications Chair) will be held in
June. The deadline for nominations is June 11th. Please follow the link for
instructions on how to nominate yourself or a colleague:

All MCLS trainees (i.e., MCLS members or associate members who do not have
a full-time faculty position or equivalent) are kindly invited to nominate
themselves or a colleague for one of the open positions (see descriptions
below; for further questions please get in touch with us via
mclstrainee at gmail.com or on our slack channel).

Please, feel free to share this link with students, lab-mates, and other
MCLS trainees.

As a reminder, all positions must be held by:

   - Individuals who are associate members of MCLS.
   - Individuals with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
   - Individuals who are trainees (i.e., who do not have a full-time
   faculty position or equivalent) at the time of their election. If they
   cease to be a trainee during the course of their term, they may complete
   the term.

Open positions will all be filled for a two-year term and
are: Co-President, Policy and Practice Chair, and Communications Chair.
Further details about each position are available in form for nominations


Finally, a couple reminders:

   - We are also soliciting feedback on the conference that has been
   running throughout this last year. The more feedback we receive, the better
   we can make the next conference: https://forms.gle/fn3QMjUcVSNGBRN47
   - Submissions for the 2021 conference are due June 1! The call for
   abstracts can be found here
   Abstracts can be submitted via this Qualtrics
   - We will have ongoing calls for lightning talks and posters throughout
   the year to be able to address up-to-the-minute emerging science.
   - Assignments for our mentorship program have gone out! Please be sure
   to check your email. If you would still like to be involved, it's not too
   late! Just email us at mclstrainee at gmail.com.

Finally, be sure to attend our *first event of the 2021 program*!
*Thursday, July 15 (Time TBD)* - MCLS 2021 Launch Event

Thanks so much!
The MCLS Trainee Board

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